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By John E. Taylor
Whitefish, Mont. 

The Difference in Candidates


The special election to replace Ryan Zinke has generated a lot of talk about what makes “Montana values” and which of the candidates best exemplifies them. This sort of thing opens the door to a multitude of opinions and interpretations, ranging from thoughtful and astute to downright goofy.

Place of birth, financial status, religion, education and political philosophy are among the issues put forth as useful criteria. I believe there is a much simpler one.

An old saying suggests that a person’s real self is shown not only by what they do but also how they do it. Television ads are revealing here. When going out to murder a TV set, Mr. Gianforte chooses a very expensive, foreign-made shotgun to ensure a colorful but unfocused blast of glass. Rob Quist makes a clean shot dead center with an old lever-action American-made rifle.

To me, that shows the difference.


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