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By Jack Piippo
Seeley Lake Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 



What’s that you say? When it comes time for you to go you said, “I’m not going!” Well friend, guess what? We’re all going, whether we want to or not. How we accept the inevitable depends a lot on our understanding about this life and the possibility of something hereafter.

If you think, “This is it, nothing more,” I can feel your despair. We have so much information available to us that tells us just the opposite. We should approach this event as it is intended.

Our history, scriptures, personal faith and our experiences witness to our soul that this isn’t over yet. Sad as the parting is, how much joy we will have when we see them again.

The tragedy for our loved ones is that we leave all the final responsibility on them. Why? Try this instead. Write your own history, do your own obituary, plan your funeral (who you would like to speak, sing, tell all your funny stories, etc.).

Our family recently experienced the loss of a loved one. Before it happened, they asked us to prepare the whole program in advance. We made sure that their wishes were met. What a wonderful time to remember them and not have to worry about doing what they would have liked.

Our kids later told us, “Don’t leave all that for us to take care of, let us just remember all the good times.” It is sad enough for our families just staying here. In the meantime, we are finding out what the hereafter has in store for us. I guarantee you; it is going to be worthwhile.

Ah, if we could all have the faith of Bruce McConkie, when he expressed, “But I shall not know any better then, than I know now that He is my Savior” (finish this with your own understanding of this life.)

The more faith and understanding we have that death is not an end, but rather just the beginning, the more we can face this event with joy rather then sorrow.


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