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By Rick Ferguson
Condon, Mont. 

Gianforte - All Business & Loyal to the State of Montana


Regarding Montana’s special election, May 25: “Native son” Rob Quist may have been born in Montana but his character hardly represents the qualities that are necessary to represent the majority of the citizens of the great state of Montana.

He feels that it is necessary for the United States Government to register all our firearms. He has publicly stated, “If you register your car, why not your firearms?”

If elected, he will fall in line with the liberal democrats’ goal of watering down our Second Amendment rights to nothing. It is no secret the NRA and the Montana Shooting Sports Association oppose his election.

Mr. Quist has a reputation for not paying his bills so how can he ever be trusted to represent Montana taxpayers? There is no question he would be targeted for so called “dark” money from outside interests if he were to join left wing lunatics like Nancy Pelosi in Washington DC.

Greg Gianforte has been a Montana employer for twenty-three years and has created more than twelve hundred jobs for Montanans. He has vast economic/business management experience; complete with a set of ethics to live by. Being wealthy is no crime and you can be assured he has no reason to be corrupted by money and power like so many before him. He is all business and will remain loyal to the State of Montana and we citizens.

PS: For those who say, “Greg Gianforte has a tendency to loose sight of the big picture because of his religion,” I say, “Bull.”


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