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Seeley Lake Rural Fire District ~ Two, Three-year Terms ~

Local Election Guide


Seeley Lake Fire District Candidates. Alyssa McLean not pictured.

Scott Kennedy - Incumbent

Incumbent seeking fifth term. Scott is current Vice Chairman of the Board and eight years previously Chairman.

Scott has served more than 36 years in fire/medical, with more than 20 years as a Chief Officer. Serving in Seeley Lake since 2000, Scott was Assistant Chief and Deputy Chief for many years, currently registered NREMT, firefighter and a longtime resident of Seeley Lake.

 Prior goals have been met. We have hired a Chief/Paramedic that has proven worthy and being committed to the community. Unity has been restored. Reinstated confidence with federal, state and local agencies, along with community organizations. Obtaining equipment and fire apparatus, as well as a new $200,000 ambulance, acquired 90 percent by grant. All accomplished within the budget with pre-planning. We now have two ambulances meeting the needs of community. We currently have $53,000 in a new vehicle fund for such future grant request/acquisitions.

Long range prior goals have been met. Station 2 was acquired. This provides apparatus and equipment storage, while being an income producing property. Purchased eight years ago, now we having approximately $250,000 in equity. In seven years, Station 2 will be paid off, then having approximately $500-550,000 in equity and approximately $30,000 a year in income to the district. This potentially reduces future mill levy requests.

Current challenges are increased with call demand more than 300 a year. Medical being a good portion of calls. A new Type 1 Engine ($500,000) and a rescue truck is on the bucket list as well as equipment and safety gear. The need for additional members is ongoing and paramount. Our dedicated volunteers are applauded in protecting our citizens and community.

Complexity in laws is challenging, requiring substantial effort in research on various topics. All board members chosen must be willing to commit to extensive time in pursuit of common goals. My commitment is continued in offering my career of extensive experience with fire departments and serving on various boards as well as dedicating my time.

Alyssa McLean

My name is Alyssa McLean and I am excited to be a candidate for the Seeley Lake Fire Board of Trustees. I am glad for the opportunity to introduce myself to the community and put forth some information about why I believe I am the best candidate for this position.

I am 27, a wife and mother, and resident of Seeley Lake since December of 2015. I had the pleasure of growing up around the fire fighting industry. My father was an employee of the Missoula Fire Department (MFD) for 25 years.

Growing up, I was proud to be part of the MFD family and was able to witness how a successful and well-oiled fire department operates. I have five years of past experience working in finance, accounting and office management. I also have eight years of experience directing a music team and being in leadership at church, which includes community outreach and service. Volunteering to serve my community has been a passion of mine since childhood. Through these experiences I believe I am well equipped with the knowledge, and willingness to learn, for this position.

The role of this Board is to guide, govern, assist and serve those who are serving us. It is my desire to see this board work as a team and make well-informed decisions to further facilitate the success of this Department. With my passion for teamwork, doing research, and leadership, I hope to add to the efficiency of this organization.

I know there are challenges ahead for this Department (like the growing population for example), but with my addition to this team I am confident that any issues will be addressed in a satisfactory manner.

Thank you for considering me for this position and I look forward to serving the Seeley Lake community.

Rita Rossi

Hi, my name is Rita Rossi and I am running for the Seeley Lake District Fire board.  We bought property in Seeley Lake in 1990 and moved here in 1998.

I have been a member of the fire department for more than 15 years.  I understand the needs of the community especially in keeping all of us safe.  

I have attended many board meetings and believe in keeping up with the community as it grows.  I feel our department is headed in the right direction upgrading equipment and training for safe and timely responses as the needs arise. I encourage everyone to attend a meeting.  

If you have questions or concerns don't hesitate to call me at 677-4500.  We're a community so we're in it together!


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