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By C.A. Disney
Libby, Mont. 

Quist Supports Sanctuary Cities


It may interest the voters of Montana to know that Rob Quist, the democratic nominee for the special election to the U.S. House of Representatives, is a supporter of Sanctuary Cities. He recently stated such on the statewide radio program, Voices of Montana.

The practices of sanctuary cities are in direct violation of the rule of law and US immigration policy. Why would any candidate for any office support a blatantly illegal practice?

If Mr. Quist doesn’t respect the rule of law, how can he uphold the Constitution? If he should be elected, he would have to swear to uphold said Constitution. Either he doesn’t understand the basic precepts of law and order, OR he has no intention of fulfilling the oath of office ... to uphold the Constitution.

Quist is a great musician and we attend his concerts and even buy his CD’s. However, artistic talent does not qualify him to be a U.S. Congressman. Quist’s opponent, Gianforte, has a strong, successful business record, employed many people in jobs paying good wages, knows about finance and budgets, government regulations, etc. which business owners face on a daily basis.

Gianforte has been branded an ‘out of stater?’ So what? He came here and was successful - should we hold that against him? Are we so ‘xenophobic’ that we can’t/won’t recognize the talents of folks ... no matter their ‘place of origin?’

In a nation that’s now $20 TRILLION in debt we need someone who knows how to balance a budget. Most importantly, we need someone who believes in the rule of law and will uphold the Constitution. Nice though he may be, Rob Quist is not that person.


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