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By Bruce Rippy
Pastor, Condon Community Church 

White As Snow


Winter . . . one of my top four seasons! In our neck of the woods, winter pleasures us each year with the awesome beauty of fresh white snow, a striking allusion to the covering that God offers over our sin-stained lives.

As the delightful days of autumn linger, I know winter is just around the corner, right on schedule as God’s plan for the rotation of the Seasons marches on. With winter, God brings new delight to earth as the snows begin to fall gracefully and peacefully, covering our surroundings. And, after the snows, when the sunlight breaks into the day, God’s snow-laden creation brilliantly sparkles and shines—yielding a magical winter wonderland! (It’s, also, at this time, that I can’t help but marvel at how a homely young tree can be totally transformed into a strikingly lovely “Christmas tree” – just as God can transform us!)

God is good! Even as wonderful and beautiful as snow is, God’s perfectly marvelous Plan of Salvation for us is even more so! A fresh covering of snow on our land always reminds me of God’s amazing “covering of forgiveness” which he offers through His Son Jesus. Because of His love for us, Jesus willingly came to earth to suffer and die on a cross, in our place, as a Sacrifice for the sin of all mankind--past, present and future.

Praise the Lord that we can be made “white as snow” in God’s Eyes. King David’s plea to God in Psalm 51:7 stated, “Purify me from my sins and I will be clean; wash me and I will be whiter than snow.”

That’s exactly God’s gift to mankind through the sacrifice of His Son. And God further blesses mankind through the resurrection of Christ from death, rendering Him alive forevermore!

God knows you and loves you personally and calls you to Himself. He desires that none should perish in Hell but rather desires all to live eternally in Heaven with Himself. God’s promise of Salvation can be claimed for those who will believe; who acknowledge Christ as Savior; who confess their sins; who repent or change and who live a life pleasing to our Lord and Creator.

To me, fresh white snow also brings to mind thanksgiving and rejoicing for a personal Savior Who calls us to live for Him here on earth and graciously yearns to have us live with Him eternally.

In Revelation 1:14 John tells about his revelation of Jesus, “His head and His hair were white like wool, as white as snow.” -- “As white as snow”—yes, our pure and holy Father offers each of us a new, fresh life and a covering “white as snow” by the removal of our sins because Jesus Christ mercifully paid the ultimate Sacrifice for us. And, because we are made “white a snow,” we can one day stand, righteous, before the Lord in all His white brilliance!

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