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By John Rice
Seeley Lake, Mont. 

Response to "Not My Land"


SEELEY LAKE - In response to the recent letter to the Pathfinder Editor dated Jan. 19, 2017 entitled Not My Land by Roxie Sterling. My family also has a long history here with a grandfather who ran a stagecoach and later became sheriff of Missoula County.

Roxie, I am sure you would agree that your property value increased as a result of the Double Arrow Development. However, the same cannot be said of the property values of those unfortunate folks who are neighbors of this gravel pit if it is allowed to proceed. I am also quite sure you must not live close enough to be impacted by the air, noise and negative visible effects of this purposed mine and asphalt plant.

A majority of people would not have a problem with Mr. Lewis having an asphalt and gravel pit operation as long as it would not affect the quality of life to the public or wildlife. I reside on the Cottonwood Lakes Road over half of the year. I know how many people and the diversification of these recreationalists, recreate on this pristine piece of road most of the year. I can tell you having those asphalt and gravel trucks on that road will be an accident waiting to happen.

There are a number of taxpayers that believe if the Forest Service was as good of a neighbor as they proclaim they would trade Mr. Lewis for land closer to the highway where neither the public nor wildlife could be so negatively affected.


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