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Please Pause for Pets and People


Congratulations to all for doing such a good job caring for your pets through this terrible cold spell! I did not receive one call about a pet out in the cold, nor did I hear that Animal Control was called.

We were worried about a big black dog with long hair that was running around as if lost. I tried to get him but couldn’t get close to him. The Pathfinder posted it on Facebook so I hope people found him and he is okay.

Received two nice thank you pictures of pets. Thanks Kiva and Sitka. Also a great picture of Portia known as Stinkerbug and Betty Boop from Vicki Scalise.

It was sad to hear that Vicki lost Betty Boop in September. She was the dog that Ed Jackson picked up off the highway where she was dodging traffic. Ed was on his motorcycle, so he put her in the sidecar and home they went. No one claimed her so she stayed with Ed and Vicki and had a loving life there. She was another dog if she could lay in the snow or get in to icy water, that was where she liked it best.

I subscribe to  two dog pamphlets and highly recommend them. One is from The American Animal Hospital Association. I learned that if your dog or puppy is going to have playtime make sure it does not have a belt buckle style collar but a quick release collar or take its collar off when playing. Dogs always nip and bite around the neck and if you have a belt buckle type and another dog grabs it and gets tangled it can choke the other dog to death unless you are right there.

Also, they list only three vaccines as “core vaccines” to be given to adult dogs only every three years. OF COURSE YOU CAN AND SHOULD CHECK ON THIS WITH YOUR VET!

Constipation is another item one should watch, especially with German Shepherds who seem to have the most problem with this. If your dog any dog has not went potty by the third day, CALL THE VET. Never give mineral oil to a dog because if they vomit, they could inhale the oil into their lungs.

Never give a home enema. You could rupture the colon.

Make sure your dog gets plenty of water.

If your dog has a lot of hair around the anus, cut it off so it doesn’t get into the anus and wad up. Your dog could die from this.

From the Whole Dog Journal

If your dog suffers a seizure or traumatic injury and loses consciousness try this: Simply rest one hand on his body. Place your other thumb just above the dogs upper lip, half way between his nose and mouth. Gently apply about two pounds of pressure for about 30 seconds. It should help your dog regain consciousness. They said they have seen it work. I guess it’s worth  trying! 

Well, I hope this wasn’t boring and I hope it was helpful,

Have a great and Happy New Year!

Elinor Williamson



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