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By John Rice
Seeley Lake, Mont. 

Shame on Commissioners


SEELEY LAKE - The Missoula County Commissioners have refused to give aid in preventing a gravel pit and asphalt plant that has been purposed for property on the Cottonwood Lakes Road. The Commissioners don’t seem to have any problem with these citizens paying taxes for programs such as a new Missoula Library or Missoula Parks and Trails that directly benefit the City of Missoula and a handful of county residents close to town but is of very little use to those in Seeley Lake and other outer areas of the County. If the commissioners are not concerned about the environmental quality of life for these citizens, you would think they would be concerned about how this would affect the devaluation of this property.

Also, transporting gravel and asphalt on a single lane Cottonwood Lakes Road that is used extensively by hikers, bikers, ATV, horse people and other recreationist will cause a major safety issue. I understand the operators of this plant also want to use other roads through residential areas which the commissioners could also prevent but again, seem reluctant to get involved.

These Seeley Lake folks could also use more help from environmental groups and recreation groups in stopping this degradation of such a pristine area.


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