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By Mitch Parcell
Seeley-Swan High School Grade 12 

Ingredients for the dragon of my mind


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Mitch Parcell

I am from the heavy breathing, the feet slapping the track

One lap, two laps, three laps, four. And I cross the finish line

I am from the woods, the trees speaking to me as they dance to the beat of their needles swaying in the cold-hearted wind

I am from the green grass of the meadows, of the birds of prey flying way up high in the gray glass of the sky

Where God drops black broken hearts into the mix to make my thoughts darker, and my heart harden.

I am from a dad trying and failing, trying and succeeding

I am from the crying morning of the dreadful news no nine-year-old needs to hear.

I am from friends and family

From bonds unbroken

I am from the calm days before a storm, the silence on a frosty night

The crackle of frost under a boot

I am from the beats I hear in "Hall of Fame" and "Hero"

The voice that sings, the one that whispers in my mind

I am a boy, I am a man, who tries to make every

One happy yet I ultimately fail.

I am a "try-er," I am a failure.

I am a people pleaser

A lone fir tree blowing in the wind

The spot where wheat browns first

Where sweat starts to form when you work hard

The pleasure of a job well done

I have become the water flowing to renew a lake,

I have become the river leaving the lake

The winding trail of brown in the earth with the roots my rails, as they are my train of thought.

The ruddy orange, the red, purple, yellow of the sunset is my love

The broken tree, the snapped one, the one chopped down

Is me when pushed too hard one way

I have become the one who wishes for the soft feathers of an angel's wings

But what I get is scales as skin, Leather for wings

And an uncontrollable anger, sadness, joy

I am the freedom of those who want

I am the one who wants to leave on a

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