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By Cheyenne Gifford
Seeley Lake Elementary, Grade 5 

Plastic + Heat Gun = Art

Junior Journal


Cheyenne Gifford

SEELEY LAKE - Seeley Lake Elementary fifth through eighth graders are doing electives. Sharon Teague, the sixth grade teacher, also teaches the art elective. Students are working with plastic and a heat gun to make plastic art. Teague got inspired by Chihuly's glass art which is glass heated and put into shapes.

Cheyenne Gifford

Teague's students took clear plastic recycled bottles and cut them into abstract shapes that reminded me of flowers, colored them with markers and then melted them a little. They turned out beautiful and will be displayed in the school soon.

In the photos: Ashton Hinchey is drawing an example of a plastic tree with a pencil and crayon to plan his project.

Sharon Teague is doing an example of how to weld a piece of plastic and another piece of plastic together with a heat gun.


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