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By Emily Howard
Seeley Lake Elementary-Eighth Grade 

Technology in Rural Montana

Series: Junior Journal | Story 15

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Emily Howard

Jack and Belinda Rich currently run the Rich Ranch in Seeley Lake, Mont. with family and friends. The Rich family have shared their love for rural culture in Montana's outdoors for more than 40 years. Being in the middle of a technology revolution, the use of modern devices is being used, even in rural Montana on a dude ranch near Seeley Lake.

The evolution of technology is undeniable and is even influencing the backcountry. Rich states, "Technology is not an enemy; it is helping more than hurting. Advertising is easier and so much cheaper now."

Internet has helped widen the range of possible guests for the ranch. Worldwide connection is now available with the use of technology. The Rich Ranch has increasing guests from Europe yearly due to online advertising.

Photo provided.

Welcome to the Rich Ranch.

The challenges of technology are still evident up in the hills. Jack Rich's sister MaryAnna stated, "We try and hold on to the traditional western ways. We have our guests remember, enjoy and appreciate the outdoors sitting around a campfire. No iPhone, No iPad. Be disconnected."

The intent for the Rich Ranch is to bring others to disconnect from technology, in order to reconnect with the natural world. There are still many difficulties attached.

Belinda states, "I find city folk coming up here to sit on their phones on the back of a horse. That's just not the way it works."

Balancing technology and tradition can become a challenging act. "Evolution is undeniable," states MaryAnna. Trying to predict the future is impossible. Living in the present is more important. Holding onto the past is critical.


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