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By Colleen Kesterson

Todd McNutt Horseshoeing, LLC

Business of the Week

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Owner Todd McNutt trimming Blaze's hooves.

Goal: Owner Todd McNutt says whether trimming hooves or shoeing horses and mules, he takes his time with each one at every visit. He tries to make it a positive learning experience and to build a strong foundation of trust with each animal he services.

History: In 2001, McNutt began shoeing horses while he was working as a guide for Swan Valley outfitters. When they were 20 miles back in the wilderness his horseshoeing skills were invaluable to the outfitters when a horse or mule lost a shoe.

In 2003, McNutt completed a course in horseshoeing at the Oklahoma Horseshoeing School located in Purcell, Okla. When he returned to the Swan Valley he began his own business shoeing horses on a more regular basis.

Photo provided.

McNutt shoeing Blaze.

Today, McNutt's client list has grown over the years. Now he travels as far south as Ovando, Mont. and north to Hungry Horse, Mont.

The months of May through November are his busiest. However, weather plays a large role in his business. This year with the early spring his work started much earlier.

According to his records in 2015, McNutt traveled more than 10,000 miles to trim and shoe more than 750 horses and mules.

Products & Services: McNutt charges start at $25 for trims and $75 for shoeing per horse or mule.

For More Information: Call McNutt at 406-754-0085 or on his cell at 406-885-6212 for more information or to schedule an appointment.


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