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By Andi Bourne

Helping Others Take Back Their Weekends


Andi Bourne, Pathfinder

Co-owner of Blackfoot Lawn Care Kristy Pohlman on her new Kubota lawn mower. Depending on the customer's preferences, she can cut, bag and mulch.

SEELEY LAKE –Co-owners Kristy Pohlman and Shawn Ellinghouse opened Blackfoot Lawn Care and Property Maintenance this spring. They offer quality, affordable lawn care with the hopes of giving their customers their weekends back to spend more time with friends and family.

Pohlman realized how much she enjoyed mowing lawns after working for a friend in Alder, Mont. two summers ago.

"I love being outside and I'm detail oriented," said Pohlman. "I enjoyed the heck out of mowing lawns."

Last summer Pohlman helped with mowing Lindey's Prime Steak House's lawn and loved the challenge of making it look its best.

"I like nice clean lines without any weeds," said Pohlman. "It also has to be tidy around trees, bushes and flower beds."

The focus of Blackfoot Lawn Care and Property Maintenance is cutting, bagging and/or mulching lawns, but seeding, laying sod, fertilizing, power raking, aerating, planting flowers and taking care of miscellaneous property maintenance projects are also done per customer request. Pohlman and Ellinghouse also coordinate with their friends from Alder and offer sprinkler system installation for two weeks in June or July.

"We are willing to work with our customers to coordinate efforts and make their lawn what they want," said Pohlman.

Blackfoot Lawn Care and Property Maintenance is available for lawns of any size, commercial or private. They will work in and around Seeley Lake, Condon, Ovando and Potomac.

"We take pride in our craftsmanship and customer service is number one," said Pohlman. "Our competitive and low rates will help everyone enjoy the savings."

Blackfoot Lawn Care and Property Maintenance schedule is quickly filling up for the summer. To get added to the rotation or for more information call 406-677-4376 or 406-677-4144, email or visit their website They can also be found in the Pathfinder's Service Directory in the bottom right corner.


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