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By Sigrid Olson

Blackfoot Native Plants

Series: Business of the Week | Story 27

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Owners Michael and Kathy Settevendemie

Goal: Potomac residents and owners of Blackfoot Native Plants Kathy and Michael Settevendemie promote the use of native plants through landscaping. "If we grow native plants in our landscapes we can look like Montana and have a sense of beauty and of place that is Montana," Kathy said. The Settevendemies try to capture Montana through their native plants.

History: Blackfoot Native Plants began as a small business 15 years ago in Potomac. It started when Kathy was implementing weed management on their property. She began replacing native plants that were inadvertently killed during that weed management process. "It [the business] took on a life of its own [after that] and I feel very passionate about it," said Kathy. At one time Blackfoot Native Plants had more than 300 native species of grasses and wildflowers.

Changes through the years include the cutting back on offering species plants and focusing more on the individual needs and wants of customers. Kathy has learned plant specifics about which plants work for people in different sites and areas.

"We have gravitated towards pollinator plants," said Kathy. Pollinator plants may attract hummingbirds, bees or butterflies that are part of the pollination process. Blackfoot Native Plants has also changed from offering smaller plants to larger plants for customers.

Blackfoot Native Plants employs three to five part-time employees depending on the season. There is bookkeeping to do as well as seeding, weeding and transplanting.

Products and Services: As president of the Native Plant Society, Kathy offers education through gardening classes on native plants. She also participates at the Clark Fork River Market starting May 7, gives consultations on native plants, and provides seed and grass seed as well as restoring disturbed areas with native plants.

Blackfoot Native Plants offers container plants that are native to Montana, drought tolerant and pollinator friendly. They have a plant nursery open to the public beginning May 6 by appointment only. Kathy recommends visitors call for directions.

For more information: Contact Kathy and Michael Settevendemie at phone number 406-880-8809 or visit their website at or by email at


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