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 By Tod Trimble    Opinion    February 16, 2017 

Sad Day for Montana's Representation

Twice in one day, Senator Steve Daines has disgraced Montana. “School choice” does not help the budget of public schools in our cities and towns and it offers nothing whatsoever for education in our rural areas, where there will never be charter...

 By Swan Valley Emergency Services    Opinion    February 16, 2017 

Help Us Help You!

Swan Valley Emergency Services (SVES) would like to share some situations we have dealt with when responding to emergencies. With the recent warmer weather (annual mid-winter thaw) the ice/snow pack on driveways and approaches is giving way to deep...

 By Local Emergency Responders and Law Enforcement    Opinion    February 16, 2017 

Thank You for Your Cooperation

SEELEY LAKE - The Seeley Lake Fire District and the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office want to thank the residents of Seeley Lake for their patience and cooperation during the Saturday, Feb. 4 propane incident. Your calm demeanor during the...

 By Roxie Sterling    Opinion    February 9, 2017

Jobs are More Important than Recreation

SEELEY LAKE - I currently live 100 yards from the Seeley Lake airport and a quarter mile from Cottonwood Lakes Road. I know a little bit about gravel pits.  As a child, I lived with my parents and my three siblings at a gravel pit in Western...

 By John Rice    Opinion    February 2, 2017

Response to "Not My Land"

SEELEY LAKE - In response to the recent letter to the Pathfinder Editor dated Jan. 19, 2017 entitled Not My Land by Roxie Sterling. My family also has a long history here with a grandfather who ran a stagecoach and later became sheriff of Missoula...

 By Lynn Carey    Opinion    February 2, 2017

Thoughts on the Speed Limit Change

SEELEY LAKE - I read with interest the article about the speed limits through town. Now I was totally out of the loop as to the where fore, what fore of the speed limit change. I would like to offer a few thoughts I have on the subject. I have no...

 By Duane Schlabach    Opinion    February 2, 2017

Response to Last Week's Speed Limit Article

SEELEY LAKE - As Chair of the Seeley Lake Community Council’s Traffic Project, I feel it’s my civic duty to ensure that the public is informed of all the facts surrounding the Council’s Traffic Project. This article is a direct response to the...

 By Roxie Sterling    Opinion    January 19, 2017

Not My Land - Let Lewis Have a Gravel Pit and Make a Living

SEELEY LAKE - I moved to the beautiful mountain town of Seeley Lake in 1961 at the age of 16. My husband moved here two years before in 1959. We were here for many years before the Double Arrow Ranch subdivided. I didn’t like it but it wasn’t my...

 By John Rice    Opinion    January 5, 2017

Shame on Commissioners

SEELEY LAKE - The Missoula County Commissioners have refused to give aid in preventing a gravel pit and asphalt plant that has been purposed for property on the Cottonwood Lakes Road. The Commissioners don’t seem to have any problem with these... Full story

 By Stuart Stone    Opinion    December 29, 2016

The People Said No. Get Over It!

SEELEY LAKE - Where do I begin? What don’t people understand about losing? The Democrats had a meltdown when they lost the election. They wouldn’t drop it. I didn’t see the Republicans having a fit when this last president was elected. Just...

 By John Rice    Opinion    December 29, 2016

Seeley Lake Ranger District Not Addressing Safety and Environmental Threat

SEELEY LAKE - I recently read in the Dec. 8 edition of the Pathfinder a considerably lengthy article by Seeley Lake Ranger Rachel Feigley concerning all the good work and cooperation of the National Forest Service. So, I am left somewhat confused as...

 By Klaus von Stutterheim    Opinion    December 29, 2016

Pathfinder Not to Blame

SEELEY LAKE - It was with dismay that I learned last week that the Pathfinder was attacked for your coverage of the sewer vote. As you know, I am not an uncritical reader, but I have never seen any hint of bias or slant in your paper. In fact, I...

 By Don Larson    Opinion    December 29, 2016

Board Decision to Protest is Disappointing

SEELEY LAKE - The Sewer Board’s decision to protest the bond vote that did not go its way is disappointing. The facts are: • The board has no one to blame but itself for the outcome. • The board and the county representatives supporting it...

 By Eric Melson    Opinion    December 29, 2016

Powerful Example of Win-Win for BCSP

MISSOULA - Recently representatives from the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), Montana Mountain Bike Alliance and MTB Missoula signed on as supporters of the collaborative landscape proposal the Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship...

 By Don Larson    Opinion    December 22, 2016

Seeley Lake Sewer – Back to the Drawing Board

SEELEY LAKE - Now that the dust has settled and the voters have spoken, it is time to Monday morning quarterback and ask, “Where do we go from here?” First, a brief assessment of our situation. We are a rural community. Always have been, always w...

 By Victoria Elliott    Opinion    December 15, 2016

Seatbelt Safety is Very Important

Many people die from car accidents because they are not wearing their seatbelts when they are riding in their cars. That is a very dangerous and foolish thing to do!! This causes families a lot of sadness and broken hearts!! Everyone, you should...

 By Walt Hill    Opinion    December 8, 2016

Seeley Lake and the Sewer

SEELEY LAKE - To respond to the full-page ad from Concerned Citizens, let me address two issues: Is the ground water contaminated? Answer – YES. The fact that test results vary with weather conditions doesn’t change the fact that nitrates in high...

 By Ken Kronsperger    Opinion    December 8, 2016

So Who Really Won the Election?

The Democratic Party claims the popular vote while the Republican Party claims the Electoral College. Both organizations appear to have missed the very poignant message sent by the electorate via this last Presidential election. Hillary Clinton is...

 By C. Burt Caldwell    Opinion    December 1, 2016

Sheriff Commendable for Thinking Outside the Box

MISSOULA - I read in the paper recently that the Missoula Sheriff’s Office donated money to the jail diversion program. I want to commend the Sheriff on having the foresight to take available funds and apply them in such an action. By supporting a...

 By Walt Hill    Opinion    November 24, 2016

Vote YES on the Sewer Project

SEELEY LAKE - The very life of Seeley Lake depends on getting a sewage treatment system into Seeley Lake. This is not just rhetoric on my part. Seeley Lake cannot build affordable housing without a sewer system. Seeley Lake cannot progress and bring...

 By Carla Schade    Opinion    November 24, 2016

Take Advantage of Available Funding – Vote YES for Sewer

SEELEY LAKE - After attending the Seeley Lake Community Council meeting last Monday with the opportunity to ask any questions about the pending waste management (sewer) project, I came away with these thoughts: A premium roof is expected to last...

 By Klaus von Stutterheim    Opinion    November 24, 2016

Vote "Yes" for Clean Water

SEELEY LAKE - The crucial moment is here. After more than ten years of planning, voters in the Sewer District will make a decision that will profoundly impact Seeley Lake. The sewer issue is complex, but for me it boils down to two simple facts: our...

 By Beth Hutchinson    Opinion    November 24, 2016

Community Equity vs. Approved Sewer

SEELEY LAKE - It is clear by now that getting full, accurate and timely information about the proposed sewer project is like “getting blood from a stone.” To have confidence in the costly project, one needs time to think about all the...

 By Michael Cropper    Opinion    November 24, 2016

Come Together and Vote YES for Seeley Lake Sewer

SEELEY LAKE - As a resident of Seeley Lake and a fairly active part of the community, my feelings concerning the possible construction of a sewage treatment plant, come a lot closer to excitement than despair. It would be a tremendous step forward...

 By Don Larson    Opinion    November 24, 2016

Two Reasons Why Seeley Lake Won't be Forced into A Central Sewer

SEELEY LAKE - Sewer board members have been yelling “wolf” telling residents the federal and state government will force us to put in a central sewer if we don’t approve this present proposal. That is are two reasons why: 1....


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