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 By Heather Layman    Opinion    February 23, 2017 

A Story Worth Tellin'

The following post is dedicated to and written for the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame. “The idea is not to live forever. It is to create something that will.” ~Andy Worhol As I was driving home yesterday, we passed our neighbor’s teams of black p...

 By Elinor Williamson    Opinion    February 9, 2017

Please Pause for Pets and People

Well the birds are coming back already. I have the usual winter ones but I also have a couple of little wrens. I bet they wonder why they came back so soon. They like the seeds and suet feeders so they will be fine. The big cats are out so please...

 By Ken Silvestro PhD.    Opinion    February 2, 2017

Behavior or Psychology

Many people see behavior, or the way we function in life, as an answer to all our problems. In other words, if we change our behaviors, we can change our concerns or problems. Of course, there is...

 By Heather Layman    Opinion    January 26, 2017


Hometown. You spend the entirety of your childhood waiting for the day to leave this god-forsaken place just knowing there must be a bigger, better world out there awaiting you. And there possibly...

 By Dr. Todd Fife    Opinion    January 26, 2017

The Not So Scary Facts About Blood Clots

As a young resident covering night shifts, I remember my first 'code blue.' I was nervous but the staff was competent and confident. We did CPR, we pushed meds, and we did everything as we were...

 By Mark Ruby    Opinion    January 26, 2017

The Story of the American Marten

The American marten is a very charismatic creature despite its small size. The house-cat sized member of the weasel family has short legs, pointed ears and a well-furred tail that extends to about a third of its total body length. Perhaps best...

 By Elinor Williamson    Opinion    January 12, 2017

Please Pause for Pets and People

Congratulations to all for doing such a good job caring for your pets through this terrible cold spell! I did not receive one call about a pet out in the cold, nor did I hear that Animal Control was called. We were worried about a big black dog with... Full story

 By Ken Silvestro PhD.    Opinion    January 5, 2017

Social Self and Individual Self

As a follow-up to the previous article describing groups and collectives, I want to describe the differences between social Self and individual Self. A social Self is directly related to groups and...

 By Heather Layman    Opinion    December 29, 2016

Just Your Time

I was asked recently what I wanted for Christmas this year, and I thought about that. Of course there are material items that came to mind (I am only human.) A horse trailer was at the top of the...

 By Elinor Williamson    Opinion    December 15, 2016

Please Pause for Pets and People

Alert! For those who warm up their car in the garage, please make sure you do not leave your pet in the garage after leaving. Carbon monoxide could kill your pet from the fumes of your car. Best to back your car outside then warm it up. Carbon...

 By Ken Silvestro PhD.    Opinion    December 8, 2016

Groups and Collectives

Groups are collectives. Groups are made up of people, which is true for collectives. As it turns out, we all are members of groups and collectives. If we take a moment, it isn't difficult to list seve...

 By Heather Layman    Opinion    December 1, 2016

Life, Live It!

"The trouble is, you think you have time." ~Buddha These past few weeks, I've once again found myself looking at life through a lens of loss and struggle and a gamut of emotions I am unable to reign...

 By Elinor Williamson    Opinion    November 17, 2016

Please Pause for Pets and People

A big Thank You to all who helped with our bake sale in October. To the ones who brought baked goods and to those who came and bought the great baked goods. Also, thank you to our great boosters who donated cash. The donations were so welcome,...

 By Ken Silvestro PhD.    Opinion    November 10, 2016

Self Changes

Staying with the theme of changes, I want to introduce some changes that are influenced by the inner Self. Recall, that in previous articles the Self was described as the center of the unconscious (hidden psychology). The Self is the psychological...

 By Heather Layman    Opinion    November 3, 2016

Get It Together, Women

It was recently pointed out to me by a male counterpart (and I am sure a trustworthy source like Hillary's email) that after my last rant about woman logic, women are twelve percent more likely to be...

 By Elinor Williamson    Opinion    October 20, 2016

Please Pause for Pets and People

Don’t forget THE BAKE SALE Friday, Oct. 21 at Cory’s Valley Market from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. We welcome your bake goods and we sure welcome all who attend and buy our delicious baked goods. Please come and help the pets.  I came across these pet f...

 By Ken Silvestro PhD.    Opinion    October 13, 2016

Personality Changes

Personality is often considered a fixed characteristic or function within a person's psychology, however, this is far from the case. Personalities can change as much as any other psychological...

 By Heather Layman    Opinion    October 6, 2016

That's Women's Logic

Women think we have a logical reason for everything we say and do, whether subtle or blatant. We don't understand ourselves any more than the next person but we always promise an entertaining and...

 By Elinor Williamson    Opinion    September 22, 2016

Please Pause for Pets and People

So all you wonderful people out there who help us so much by bringing baked goods, here we go again on Oct. 21, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m., at Cory’s Valley Market. The Ed Jackson Fund is running low as we have helped many people with their dogs and cats. An...

 By Ken Silvestro PhD.    Opinion    September 15, 2016

Changes and Psychological Complexes

In the previous article, a willingness and a resistance to change were introduced in a general way. In this article, I want to be more specific. So, let's look at changes with respect to complexes....

 By Heather Layman    Opinion    September 8, 2016

Electile Dysfunction

I normally shy away from discussing anything religious or political but I sincerely {and I have tried} could not help myself this go round. Thanks to social media and the Internet, it's a free for...

 By Elinor Williamson    Opinion    August 25, 2016

Please Pause for Pets and People

Don’t forget to get your raffle tickets for the Crazy Quilt, made by Louise Cameron and embroidered by Margaret Sandor. The quilt is on display at Deer Country Quilts. Tickets are also available there. All proceeds benefit Paws Up Safe Home Animal...

 By Ken Silvestro PhD.    Opinion    August 18, 2016


All things change, so we are told. In other words, nature and human nature eventually change. We only need to look at photos of ourselves from years ago, compared to the present, to see evidence of...

 By Heather Layman    Opinion    August 11, 2016

A Pace I Long to Keep

These past few summer months have been nothing short of crazy and chaotic between work and home life. Some of you may know that I work for an electric and telecom company here on the hi-line of...

 By Elinor Williamson    Opinion    July 28, 2016

Please Pause for Pets and People



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