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Articles from the November 24, 2016 edition

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 By Andi Bourne    News    November 24, 2016

Two Pyramid Lumber Employees Killed in Separate Incidents

SEELEY LAKE – Two employees of Pyramid Mountain Lumber, Inc. were killed in two separate incidents Thursday morning, Nov. 17. The first, 60-year-old David Solum of Condon, Mont. was killed in a...

 By Nathan Bourne    News    November 24, 2016

Sewer Q&A Held at Council Meeting

SEELEY LAKE - The Seeley Lake Community Council hosted a question and answer session with experts involved in the proposed wastewater treatment plant. Voters will decide whether or not to allow the...

 By Nathan Bourne    News    November 24, 2016

Information Packet Hits Legal Snag

SEELEY LAKE - As of their Nov. 17 regular meeting, the Seeley Lake Sewer Board will not be sending out informational packets on the proposed wastewater treatment plant. Concerned residents discussed the possibility of sending out information on...

 By Betty Vanderwielen    News    November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Feast in Condon

SEELEY LAKE – An estimated 80 to 90 people piled some combination of turkey, ham, gravy, stuffing, rolls, mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes on their plates at the annual Community Thanksgiving...

 By Walt Hill    Opinion    November 24, 2016

Vote YES on the Sewer Project

SEELEY LAKE - The very life of Seeley Lake depends on getting a sewage treatment system into Seeley Lake. This is not just rhetoric on my part. Seeley Lake cannot build affordable housing without a sewer system. Seeley Lake cannot progress and bring...

 By Carla Schade    Opinion    November 24, 2016

Take Advantage of Available Funding – Vote YES for Sewer

SEELEY LAKE - After attending the Seeley Lake Community Council meeting last Monday with the opportunity to ask any questions about the pending waste management (sewer) project, I came away with these thoughts: A premium roof is expected to last...

 By Klaus von Stutterheim    Opinion    November 24, 2016

Vote "Yes" for Clean Water

SEELEY LAKE - The crucial moment is here. After more than ten years of planning, voters in the Sewer District will make a decision that will profoundly impact Seeley Lake. The sewer issue is complex, but for me it boils down to two simple facts: our...

 By Beth Hutchinson    Opinion    November 24, 2016

Community Equity vs. Approved Sewer

SEELEY LAKE - It is clear by now that getting full, accurate and timely information about the proposed sewer project is like “getting blood from a stone.” To have confidence in the costly project, one needs time to think about all the...

 By Sariah Maughan    Opinion    November 24, 2016

SLE C Team Creams Drummond

SEELEY LAKE - In October Seeley Lake Elementary's (SLE) volleyball C team played Drummond. In the first match Drummond served first, and by the end the score was 25 (SLE) to 17 (Drummond). The second...

 By Andi Bourne    News    November 24, 2016

SLE Outside and Alcohol Policies Dominate School Board Discussion

SEELEY LAKE – Public comment on the SLE Outside store, current school district policies for conduct on school property and the Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace were topics of discussion at the Seeley Lake Elementary School Board meeting, Nov 15....

 By Pyramid Mountain Lumber Inc.    News    November 24, 2016

Pyramid Remembers Solum and Pohlman

SEELEY LAKE - Two tragedies befell the Pyramid Mountain Lumber family Thursday, Nov. 17. We lost two key contributors to our success, Dave Solum and Phil Pohlman. While neither were on the production line, both were integral ensuring production...

 By Elaine Caton - Jennifer Schoonen - Sara Schmidt    Opinion    November 24, 2016

Trumpeter Swans, Irrigation Science, a Community Forest and One Big Party

Thanksgiving greetings from your partners at the Blackfoot Challenge. Please read on for a few updates on what we've been up to. We hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Trumpeter...

 By Colleen Kesterson    News    November 24, 2016

Taylors Take On Rodeo

SWAN VALLEY - Justin and Crystal Taylor of Condon enjoy their hobby of working with their horses and competing in rodeos and jackpots in their spare time. While Crystal's focus is barrel racing and...

 By Colleen Kesterson    News    November 24, 2016

Ad Hoc Committee to Study Library, Septic System Issues

SWAN VALLEY - At their Nov. 15 meeting, the Swan Valley Community Council (SVCC) voted to form an Ad Hoc committee to research issues that came from the proposed renovations to the Swan Valley Library and the septic system used by the Community Hall...

 By Michael Cropper    Opinion    November 24, 2016

Come Together and Vote YES for Seeley Lake Sewer

SEELEY LAKE - As a resident of Seeley Lake and a fairly active part of the community, my feelings concerning the possible construction of a sewage treatment plant, come a lot closer to excitement than despair. It would be a tremendous step forward...

 By Don Larson    Opinion    November 24, 2016

Two Reasons Why Seeley Lake Won't be Forced into A Central Sewer

SEELEY LAKE - Sewer board members have been yelling “wolf” telling residents the federal and state government will force us to put in a central sewer if we don’t approve this present proposal. That is are two reasons why: 1....

 By Dave Larson    Opinion    November 24, 2016

Eight Reasons Why You Should Vote "YES" for the Community Sewer Project – Larson vs. Larson

SEELEY LAKE - There are general and yet specific “ISSUES” to be considered in deciding to vote for the COMMUNITY SEWER PROJECT. They are as follows: 1. Decisions should be made with facts and proper education of choices & consequences. 2. The...

 By Cris Connick Volinkaty and Deb Connick Thomas    Opinion    November 24, 2016

Support Longterm Wastewater Solution and Protect Our Community

SEELEY LAKE - Sewer hook-up is a hot-button issue in Seeley Lake. It costs money—particularly when laying down pipes. People are fearful of the added homebuilding a sewer might bring. However, the facts demonstrate that sewer remains the best...

 By U.S. Small Business Administration    News    November 24, 2016

Shop Local on Small Business Saturday

When small businesses do well, local communities do too.  These are the businesses that generate two of every three net new jobs and deliver essential goods and services to America’s communities 365 days a year. On Small Business Saturday, Nov....

 By Andi Bourne    News    November 24, 2016

Officer Pay and Mill Levy Discussions Tabled

SEELEY LAKE – Based on the current budget, Seeley Lake Rural District Fire Chief Bob Vanden Heuvel does not see the financial ability to afford an Assistant Chief. However, at the monthly Fire Board meeting, Nov. 22, he continued to advocate for...

 Announcements    November 24, 2016

Anneliese Marie Nilsen

MISSOULA - Anneliese Marie Nilsen was born Aug. 2 at 8:02 a.m. to parents Tami and Matt Nilsen of Missoula, Mont. She weighed 7 pounds, 5 ounces. Anneliese was also welcomed by grandparents Dave and... Full story

 Announcements    November 24, 2016

Steel Michael Woodside

SEELEY LAKE - Darin & Brooke Woodside of Seeley Lake are proud to announce the birth of their son, Steel Michael Woodside born Oct. 28 at 12:05 a.m. He weighed 7 pounds, 8 ounces. Steel was also... Full story

 Obituaries    November 24, 2016

Dianne Lynn (Lockwood) Harpine 1950 ~ 2016

POLSON – Dianne Lynn (Lockwood) Harpine, age 66, passed away after a long struggle with multiple health problems Wednesday, Nov. 9, at St. Joseph Medical Center. She was born on Sept. 3, 1950, in Polson, Mont. to Marvin and Florence (McCollum) Lock... Full story

 By Buzz Busby    Opinion    November 24, 2016

Are Your Truly Thankful?

Its turkey time again! If you are like most people a big meal with family or friends is the big cause for celebration on this national holiday. With a full stomach we settle on the couch to watch a football game or two and hopefully stay awake the...

 By Sigrid Olson    News    November 24, 2016

Shipping Day on the Blackfoot

POTOMAC - There were 2,650,000 Montana cattle including calves as of Jan. 1, 2016. According to Montana Department of Livestock (DOL), more than 600 head will be shipped this month from Potomac...


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