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 By William Campbell    Opinion    January 26, 2017

Pride - A Great Deceiver

Imagine you’re facing an assassin, an assassin who has been hired to kill you. Now imagine handing him the weapon to kill you with. I know this is difficult to imagine and yet that is exactly what pride is like. Satan, the great deceiver, comes to...

 By William Campbell    Opinion    November 17, 2016

The Good that is Not Good Enough

Perhaps the hardest thing for us as Christians is to remember that we serve a sovereign God. This is especially true when people or circumstances seem to us to be out of control. It is at these times that we tend to try seizing control, forget all...

 By William Campbell    Opinion    September 29, 2016

Life in the Valley

Living in a valley, as we do here in Seeley Lake, one comes to appreciate both the beautiful scenery of the surrounding mountains and the shelter from the high winds that are so often a part of life on the plains. And as in life, the mountain top...

 By William Campbell    Opinion    August 11, 2016

When Right is Wrong

In this current age we hear time and again a litany of rights. As individuals we sometimes insist on being right. We tell ourselves that others agree with us and therefore we are in the right and thus justified in our actions. But where does right...

 By William Campbell    Opinion    June 23, 2016

Confusion Reigns

As I watch the news in these troubled times, I realize just how confused our nation has become. Many, for instance, mistake the right or left of political issues with the right or wrong of moral issues. Moral issues like abortion and homosexuality,...

 By William Campbell    Opinion    May 5, 2016

Words and Birds

I recently relearned a lesson I thought I had already learned and thought I understood...words are like birds, once they’re out of the cage, they’re often hard to recapture. Why is it so easy to find fault in others and so difficult to see it in...

 By William Campbell    Opinion    March 17, 2016

An Important Choice

Most, if not all, of us have at one time or another said, “I can’t.” Whenever I uttered those words as a young boy, my Dad would always remind me that, “Can’t never accomplished anything.” In like manner, one of my business partners...

 By Lion William Campbell    News    February 4, 2016

Expanded Yellow Pages in Lions Club Directory

The new 2016 Lions Club Directory is now available. This year there is an added benefit for local residents found in the Yellow Page portion of the directory. This year the business listings section of the directory has been expanded and features...

 By William Campbell    Opinion    January 28, 2016

The Point of Prayer

While reading a recent article in the New York Daily News, I was once again reminded that we often miss the point of prayer. This article criticized Republican presidential candidates for tweeting that they were praying for those affected by the mass...

 By William Campbell    Opinion    December 10, 2015

Understanding Christmas – In Context

Recent years have seen increasing attacks on Christianity, one of which has been an attempt to remove Christ from Christmas. Many department stores and retailers have gone to stressing “Happy Holidays” in an attempt to not offend non-Christians....

 By William Campbell    Opinion    October 22, 2015

Perfection for the Christian

It would be a mistake for us, as Christians, to imagine that God wants to make us perfect specimens of what He can do. The only perfect person was Jesus Christ. And while it is true that we will one day become perfect, that will not be true this side...